Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Partners and Next Issue

You will notice a couple of new ads here at the blog and in the magazine.  First, Ryan Rocks Outdoor Adventures.  Ryan Rocks is an organization founded by Ryan's parents that provide outdoor adventures for kids battling cancer.  If you can read Ryan's story without shedding a tear (especially if you have a little boy of your own) you are a better man than me.  Can there be a better cause than getting these kids into the outdoors? 

I think Wayne Snyder said it best in response to our link on the Facebooker; "What Bob Miller is doing with Ryan Rocks Outdoor Adventures is truly heroic. Many of his events are centered on fly fishing. Thumbs up!"

You can read about Ryan Rocks and Ryan's story here. 

I am also pleased to announce the return of Brookhaven Lake to the pages of The Cedar Sweeper.  Jeff and Mike Johnson have done something incredible with this little kettle lake in Clare county.  Where else can you catch giant brookies and grayling in Michigan.  Awesome! 

I am in full layout mode with the next issue, adding the copy as it arrives.  And I have to say its some pretty good stuff.  In this issue you will get some great information on big trout tactics, smallmouth bass, Jason Tucker's favorite mousing fly (hint, it ain't no mouse), and another gem from Jeff Vande Zande.  I can't wait to get it out. 

Live Free, Fish Hard

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