Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Contrarian

I spent a few years talking about Eric Sharp and his contrarian viewpoints.  Normally, he was coming out of left field with some of his stuff but often times he was just taking the contrarian viewpoint.  I liked to use him as a whipping boy but near the end I had figured out his game.  If you don't believe that what he was doing was a strategy to gain and keep readers just take a gander at this article.  Just pay special attention to point number four.  

I would also like to point out the effectiveness of the contrarian view point via this little tidbit.  The recent article that we published on Traver by Andy Duffy was ripped by a few people.  They claimed to be sickened, pissed off, and determined to see the demise of The Cedar Sweeper.  They did this because the general consensus here in Michigan is that Traver is a God, an important figure to fly fishing in Michigan that did no wrong.  Duffy's piece took the contrarian viewpoint that his fishing writing really wasn't that good.  I recently received an e-mail letting me know that one of our detractors who expressed his disgust with me, Duffy, and my magazine is now following The Cedar Sweeper on twitter. 

I don't even post on twitter but he is disgusted enough to follow.  Still have questions about the effectiveness of the contrarian view?

Live Free, Fish Hard

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