Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paint Creek, Venison Tacos, and Ruby Redbird

Well, we hit paint creek yesterday afternoon/evening.  The water was way low, man we could use a good rain (bet you didn't think you would be saying that after this April), but we managed to move a couple of trout in the scant darker water we could find.  Alas though, we brought no trout to hand.  We managed a couple of small bluegills from the pond before we left just so we could get the skunk off and the smell of fish on our hands.  Its always a good day when you can get together with one of your best friends and hit the water.

If you still have some venison from last season you might want to give this great recipe a try.  I really like Georgia and here site.  You can always find cool stuff and great recipes for the game that you harvest. 

Speaking of Georgia, I first say Shiner Ruby Red Bird beer at her site.  It's a summer beer brewed with ruby red grapefruit and ginger.  I was skeptical to say the least but I was able to get my hands on some.  It was good, not great, just good and I don't think it will be replacing my regular summer brew anytime soon.  It was worth a try though and somebody with a different pallet might enjoy it very much.  Give it a shot if you can find it around town. 

I continue to put together the next issue with the remainder of the submissions rolling in now.  It should be a good one; so, get your subscription today.  Also, if you have a fly fishing related product or service we can help you reach your target audience:  MICHIGAN FLY FISHERMEN! 

Live Free, Fish Hard

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