Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Huron Pines and Advertising

I wrote the check to Huron Pines yesterday.  I am a little late with this one but anytime is a good time to donate to a good cause.  If you don't know what Huron Pines does, you can check it out here.  This is the second year we have had a subscription drive and donated to Huron Pines.  This along with our support of The Paint Creek One Fly and Casting For Recovery makes us very proud.  We have been involved with Wayne Snyder and PC1F for several years now and it is great to see that event grow every year.  The magazine allows us to do some pretty cool stuff and support some good causes.  Thanks to everyone that picked up a subscription during the drive.  We thank you, and the fish thank you. 

I am working on something that has been a very difficult nut to crack for me.  I am not a salesman by any stretch.  I am an automotive quality guy by day and a magazine publisher by night.  No sales experience at all.  This has made selling ad space difficult despite the fact that Michigan is one of the top fly fishing states and advertising opportunities abound.  We have guides, rod makers, boat makers, fly tiers, fly shops, tackle manufacturers, apparel manufacturers, lodges, and the list goes on.  Not to mention the national opportunities with tackle makers and the like. 

We also offer some great ad rates and make it a two-for with a button here at the blog as well (the blog gets a lot of looks).  Selling is difficult.  So, I am mining my resources to try and find an independent sales person that is willing to work on commission.  This is also proving to be hard to find but I think I can do it.  Actually it is imperative.  I need somebody with this expertise so that we can increase revenue and continue to fund future issues of the magazine.

The next issue will be a good one so don't miss it. 

Live Free, Fish Hard

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