Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ditch The Plan

I like to plan and maybe that is to my detriment.  Here is an interesting post about not wasting time on your business plan.  Instead he is recommending a strategy of build-measure-learn, with success resting mostly on how quickly you can learn and apply the knowledge to the next build.  It gets a product to market quickly and refines it quickly based on customer feedback.  Its an interesting concept but how many folks are willing to stick with a product once it has given them some problems?  I realize that this approach is easier with software and these products can be updated very quickly.  It might be a little harder with a magazine.  However, we do put out six issues per year; so, this methodology could be applied .... there is always the next issue. 

Speaking of ditching the plan, we won't be traveling to trout camp this year.  That's disappointing but it gives me a chance to ditch the plan and freelance the trout opener.  I have a place in the north country that I just don't spend enough time at.  The place needs some TLC this year and there are some good trout creeks and one major river within striking distance that would be great to explore.  I can't wait.  

The next issue is coming together and should be available for the big F3T show on April 22nd. 

Live Free, Fish Hard


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