Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vande Zande and Reader's Digest

You might ask, "Chuck, why the short fiction in each issue".  The answer is easy.  I like short fiction about fly fishing; especially short fiction by Jeff Vande Zande.  It makes me feel good, kind of like Florida sunshine after a long Michigan winter.  Stories are a big part of the fly fishing experience and Jeff has been filling this need for us neatly with his deft storytelling on the back page of The Cedar Sweeper.  Sure I could fill the space with some more how-to/where-to but how much fun would that be.  I like to end the issue with the short fiction.  I can pretty much picture it now; you read through the issue by visiting Andy Duffy's feature, you skim the featured water to see if you have been there before or mark it on your list, you check to see if you have Therssen's fly in the fly box, and then you end by reading Vande Zande's story.  You smile a little smile to yourself, fold up the issue and put it back in the rack, then flush and move on with your life.  Its a pretty great way to end each issue don't you agree?  The stories make me smile too!

Mr. Magazine comes with a great post about what you need to bring to your magazine project.  Passion, emotion, and guts are what you need to put into every issue.  He says you need to be passionate about the subject matter; check, we are obsessed with everything Michigan fly fishing.  He says you need to be emotional about the content; we are getting more and better contributions with every issue.  From the cover shots to the features and short fiction we are making an effort to improve with every issue.  He says you have to be a believer in what your gut told you to do; my guts tell me that a magazine about Michigan fly fishing is a viable idea and will succeed.  Speaking of success, just take a look at a couple of examples that Mr. Magazine uses in the opening of the post.  Reader's Digest was shopped to every major publisher and rejected until the man with the idea took matters into his own hands.  Sports Illustrated lost money for twelve straight years while the publisher tried to make is successful.  We sometimes get rejected by a reader who doesn't like or content or is disappointed in the magazine and we sure aren't delivering a ton of magazines yet.  We will continue to improve our content and try to make some money with every new issue.  I have said it before, "we aren't going anywhere soon".  I can't wait for you to see the next issue that is already coming together very nicely. 

Live Free, Fish Hard

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