Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Friday, February 22, 2013

They're Hatching Somewhere

I recently had a talk with TCS contributor Andy Duffy about fly fishing the smokies.  It reminded me of the great folks at R and R fly fishing and that I needed to look into what was going on down in the smokies.  BAM!  Low and behold there are some hatches going on down there and they lay this great video of a Blue Quill hatching on us.  Now, when you watch this think in terms of bugs and fish ... nymphs, emergers, dries, and what the fish sees. 

Here's the video: 

Andy and I talked about the fishing up in the smokies and just how good it could be.  A backpack trip to those brookie creeks might be in the works. 

If you read through the R and R reports, it looks like they had about an hour or so of dry fly fishing.  If that doesn't get you fired up you better check the old ticker. 

Live Free, Fish Hard

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