Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Special Announcement!

Sometimes good things happen and today was one of those days. 

I am proud to announce that The Cedar Sweeper has found a fly shop partner for our upcoming Fly Fishing Film Tour showing. 

Colton Bay Outfitters in Ann Arbor, Michigan has been nice enough to offer up their shop to help with ticket sales.  So, moving forward Colton Bay will be the exclusive source for the discount advanced tickets.  Dirk and the crew at the shop have all of the tickets that have been allocated to The Cedar Sweeper.  You can stop in the shop, pick up some fly fishing essentials, chat up the guys about the local fishing, get the details on the show, and pick up your tickets. 

Colton Bay has also offered to partner up on some other aspects of the show and will be a big part of the festivities.  They have already posted some of the details on the Facebooker

Bottom line: 

The guys over at Colton Bay are some pretty cool cats with a pretty cool shop.

They are now the exclusive source for the advanced, discount tickets for the South Lyon show.

They have some great things in the works for the show.  Stay tuned for details and keep checking back with their site, the Facebooker, and this blog. 

Its great to have Colton Bay aboard and I have no doubt they will help to make the show the must place to be on April 22nd to get jacked for opening day.   

Live Free, Fish Hard 

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