Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Friday, February 8, 2013

Practice .... Get the Feel

Here is an even better video about mending.  I think you get the point, from my perspective mending (and as a direct result presentation are pretty important.  Just think about all the fishing reports you have read where they have said, "the fly just has to be a close representation or the fly doesn't really matter at all but you better bring your presentation "A" game to score".  This is important stuff. 

Here is a great video featuring Tom Rosenbauer from Orvis.  He not only explains the mend but shows you the belly in the line and how to get rid of it.  I also like the advice from the guide, "play with the line, get the feel, and practice mending."  This is sound advice and did you happen to notice that the guide is a lady.  I mentioned the ladies here a few days ago when I posted about the WRFS fly tying bash.  It's good to see more getting involved. 

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Here is a link to the blog post.

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