Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Monday, February 18, 2013

Midwest Expo, Colton Bay, and Sportsmen's Contribution

It sure is Monday and I have a laundry list of information to pass along.  I can feel spring in the air.  Its coming and so is the fishing. 

On Saturday March 9th I will be out at the Midwest Fly Fishing Expo and will set up camp  as a guest of Jeff Johnson and Brookhaven Lake.  Look for me at the Brookhaven Fisherman's trail booth.

Colton Bay Outfitters has come on board as an advertiser.  We are very pleased to partner up with this traditional fly shop in Ann Arbor.  It is worth a look at their website, that you can get to via the link in the margin of this blog, or to stop in and see Dirk and Joe at the shop.  A very cool place indeed and don't forget that Colton Bay is the exclusive source for the advanced, discount Fly Fishing Film Tour Tickets for our April 22nd showing in South Lyon.  It should be a great event.

In case you missed it .... I posted the new cover over the weekend and the issue should go off to the printer today or tomorrow.  So, subscribers should look for it in the mail soon.  Non-subscribers should make sure to hit me up at the Midwest expo, but get there early as I will have a limited number of copies with me.  I will start work on the very next issue right away. 

I want to pass along a couple of links to some business news.  First, an interesting article on the average age of entrepreneurs.  We are older and that is because we have more experience and more savings.  We can start it up and have the wisdom to run it successfully.  Second, here are some great numbers on what hunters and fishermen contribute to the Michigan economy each year.  You are part of something big. 

Live Free, Fish Hard


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