Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maybe I'm Not Being Articulate

Here is the announcement of the closing of ad space for Angling Trade Magazine. 

I quote:  "We’re hoping you will be in the mix, and support this forum–the only one of its kind that is dedicated solely to specialty fly retailers, and covering the fly fishing industry in North America."

As I read through this short post I begin to think that maybe I am not articulating very well what The Cedar Sweeper can do for you and your Michigan Fly Fishing business.  Maybe I can use the Angling Trade post as a model.  

There is still time to get your ad into the newest issue of The Cedar Sweeper.  I hope you will join us and support TCS, a unique-one of a kind voice that is reaching more and more Michigan fly fishermen everyday.  We can help put more people in your guide boats, more people in your fly shop, more people in your lodge, and more eyes on your rods and flies.  

Thanks for your support. 

Live Free, Fish Hard 

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