Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hammer, Meet Nail Head

I had a great time out at the White River Fly Shop last evening.  It was a pretty good group that came out to talk with us. 

It was neat to see the crowd that Jerry Regan commands when he is tying.  People are just mesmerized by his mad tying skills.  He can flat out get it done. 

Wayne's short film on Isle Royale was a hit and we had plenty of coffee and snacks for everyone that showed up. 

I also want to take a moment to talk about the fact that more and more ladies are showing up to these events; at least that is my observation.  I have a great time talking fly fishing with them and they are coming out for various reasons.  They want to fly fish for their own enrichment mostly, then again who doesn't, but they are also taking it up to spend more time with their spouses or families and you really can't go wrong with that either.  I also think they are very intrigued by all of the different facets of fly fishing and surprised to find that its more than just walking in a river and drinking beer.  They like finding that new gear, tying, literature, films, and conservation are all part of the world of the fly fisherman.  Cool Stuff!  

I also wanted to drop a link to Mike Schmidt's recent post over at Anglers Choice Flies.  Mike really hits in on the head here and proves the point that old school print and new school digital are a match made in heaven.  I know he is getting at more than that, he is talking about fly fishing as a whole, but I think you can pretty much apply this to magazines as well. 

Mike, brings up some great points about trying to merge the old school and new school guys within the fly fishing community.  I have another observation though, one that involves separating the actual fishing from the lifestyle.  It seems like the younger guys are pretty much run and gun while the older guys are a little more laid back. 

I think you should fish for your own reasons.  If you like rods, or fly tying, or paddling, or writing, or filming, or photography, or conservation, or reels, or fly fishing clothing, or drinking beer, or hanging with your buddies, or sitting on the bank, or watching birds, or hell maybe you like the bureaucracy and structure of fly fishing organizations.  The fact is you should fly fish for your own reasons and not for somebody else.  If you are interested in the body count that is fine but just remember that there are a whole lot of guys and gals doing this for a whole lot of different reasons. 

Live Free, Fish Hard

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