Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

F3T Low Down ... So Far

I am certain that we will cover this more as the big show draws near, but I wanted to clear up one point and let you know where we stand for the big show on April 22nd at the Lyon Theater. 

I have gotten a couple of questions about the show since the guys over at Schultz outfitters posted some information about the "official F3T" showing in Ann Arbor.  People have asked if our showing is official.  The F3T show in Ann Arbor and the South Lyon Show are "official", licensed showings of the Fly Fishing Film Tour.  In other words you will be getting the same great fly fishing film experience at both shows, the films and other show materials come from the same (licensed) source: F3T.  The difference is that the Ann Arbor show is a company show (meaning the guys at F3T come to town to help with the show) and our showing in South Lyon is an independent show.  The Cedar Sweeper Magazine is bringing the South Lyon show to you in conjunction with some other fantastic sponsors. 

So, that being said, I wanted to pass along some of the things that I/we currently have lined up for our official showing of the F3T.  The company shows get some support from F3T and the national sponsors for giveaways but we get none of that.  So, we had to arrange some things on our own.  Here is the Low Down:

Colton Bay Outfitters - Colton Bay is the official source for discount, advanced tickets for the show.  So you should e-mail, call, write, contact them on the Facebooker, and do whatever it takes to get you ticket.  Colton Bay is also offering a VIP bus ride up to the show from the shop and an after party that should be exciting.  Colton Bay is also coming through on the swag end.  I don't know exactly what is coming our way from Colton Bay but whatever it is I am sure Dirk and the guys are putting together some great stuff. 

Mystic Fly Rods - Dennis and Shawn over at Mystic will have a presence at the show.  So, if you are looking for a new rod you should get to fondle one at the show.  They are also coming through in a big way with a rod to give away.  Mystic is a great Michigan rod company and I can't thank them enough for participating. 

Anglers Choice Flies - Mike Schmidt over at Anglers Choice is donating some flies to give away during the show.  If you have not checked out Mike's creations I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality and effectiveness of his flies. 

The Fiberglass Manifesto - Cameron Mortenson over at TFM has committed to provide some swag and an Eagle Claw Featherweight rod to give away.  If you don't own a featherweight then you don't know what you are missing.  Its a great value not to mention a very good small stream and lake/pond rod.  Thanks to Cameron for coming  through. 

QWEST Existere - Wayne Snyder at QWEST E is going to have a presence at the show as well.  It will be a great chance to check out some of Wayne's fly fishing art and books.  He has written books on the history of fly fishing in Michigan and his drawings and paintings are next to none.  So, be sure to check in with Wayne at the Show. 

I have been working to secure some discounts with the local restaurants and taverns.  This is a little easier said than done though as they seem reluctant to enter into an agreement to provide a little break for show goers.  I won't give up though and they will come around.  I will pass along details as they become available. 

I have contacted the South Lyon downtown development authority as well as local media outlets to let them know about our show.  But they too have proved to be difficult to persuade and enlist to help spread the word.

We have about two months to go before the show and I hope to add some more give aways, secure some discounts on eats and drinks, and garner more publicity in that time. 

Stay tuned to this blog for details as we get closer to show time. 

Live Free, Fish Hard


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