Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Fishing and a Couple of Things

Tom Rosenbauer's pod cast is most excellent; what I like most is that he takes the time to answer listener questions in the simplest way possible without being the least bit patronizing.  There is never the attitude that somebody should already know this stuff.  I dig it. 

Tom sometimes posts at the Orvis blog as well and today he has a great post on his tips for winter fishing.  He also throws in a winter fly selection.  Good stuff!  If you follow these tips and use these flies while remembering to lower your expectations and slow everything way, way down; you will probably catch a winter trout.  Check it out. 

I also wanted to let folks know that we are going to go ahead and close out the ad space for the upcoming issue.  So, if you were on the fence and wanted to get in please drop me a line in the next 48 hours or so. 

I also wanted to announce a repeat of the subscription drive that we did last year for the benefit of the same cause.  Starting today and for the next two weeks, if you subscribe to The Cedar Sweeper (electronically, through e-mail, it doesn't matter how) we will add up the subscriptions for the next two weeks and donate one dollar from each subscription to Huron Pines

We had the same subscription drive last year and in the end made a $25 dollar donation to the folks at Huron Pines.  I would love to donate more to their worthy cause of cold water conservation in northeast Michigan this year.

If you have been considering a subscription and like helping the cause of cold water, rivers, and fish.  Now is the time to subscribe and kill two birds with the one stone.  You can get a fly fishing magazine and help out the trout.  Good Deal. 
One of those northeast Michigan creeks.

Hey, we can upload photos again .... Bonus.

Live Free, Fish Hard 

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