Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Monday, January 21, 2013

Negotiating And F3T Material

Its Monday and its time to talk a little business.  The thing here is that business doesn't happen by magic.  They may try to convince you of that with all types of written processes, standardized work, specifications, and tools to take away the human element.  However, two people negotiating is usually what gets it done. 

Here is an interesting post about three of the golden rules of negotiating.  The funny thing is that if you negotiate enough you start to apply these without realizing it.  For instance, one of my responsibilities in my day job is 0 Km quality for the parts that we manufacture.  Our customers sometime want to return parts for various reasons.  I noticed that I like to start the negotiation on these parts because I feel that it puts me in a better position when the negotiation ends.  I also like to negotiate in writing; e-mail is effective with my day job but for the magazine I like to start the negotiation with my proposal on TCS letterhead.  It turns out that if you apply a little logic then you are probably applying these rules in your negotiations already. 

There is no negotiating when it comes to the advanced tickets for our Fly Fishing Film tour event in South Lyon.  The advanced tickets are $13 and you can only get them by contacting me.  I should also have some with me when I visit Bass Pro Shops White River Fly Shop on 31-Jan-13.  I should be receiving the tickets today so feel free to drop me a line for the details on how to get yours. 

I also wanted to report on two problems.  First, it seems that everybody using the blogger platform is having trouble uploading photos to their blogs.  It think that Google is working on this and hopefully we will be able to upload photos again very soon.  Second, if you notice I have taken down the website at and am trying to redirect the traffic to the blog since I own the URL.  However, I have had some difficulties and in the process screwed up my e-mail account.  So, if you have sent an e-mail and not seen a response please be patient as I think I fixed the e-mail but it might take a few days to be able to view whats in the in-box.  Sorry. 

Live Free, Fish Hard

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