Salmon 2012

Salmon 2012

Friday, January 25, 2013

Members Not Numbers

I am all business this Friday.  The next issue is coming together very nicely and with about a week of tweaking and another week of proofing ahead of me it gives me some time to think about the business side of magazines. 

I posted yesterday about the marriage of print and digital and my plan to release slowly release the old back issues for your digital reading enjoyment.  Today, Mr. Magazine has a great post about going all in with digital and how that just doesn't work; especially, if you are doing it to save a magazine.  Bottom line, you have to be successful with print and augment it with digital.  

But wait that's not all, he also talks about the connection that you have to develop with your readers and you have to make them feel as if they are members and not numbers.  This isn't the first time that I have heard this said or seen it written.  If you corner a savvy magazine publisher or editor they will tell you that they are not so much putting out a magazine as building a community of like minded individuals.  BINGO!  But, it's easier said than done. 

Do you really have time in your life for another fly fishing billboard?  Neither do I and that is why I killed the TCS billboard.  I don't have time to read or post on a billboard because all I want to do with my spare time is fish.  I had some web exclusive stuff posted at the old website; but honestly, who's reading it?  I get more eyes at this blog when I write about fishing, putting together a magazine, and running a business.  The blog might be a good place to tackle some of the fly fishing 101 stuff that would pass as "web exclusive" but I get a better reaction to other things.  For instance, the top post ever at this blog was the post that I did about the Eagle Claw Featherlight can a $19.00 fly rod change fly fishing.

The fact is I want you to be a part of my community, The Michigan Fly Fishing Community.  That's our brotherhood.  You won't agree with me all the time and I won't agree with you but the fact that we are fly fishermen from Michigan with common river mud and pond scum that boils in our veins is something significant.  We share a lot and I don't need to remind you of that with another bulletin board. 

I continue to try other ways to bring us together though, by bringing the Fly Fishing Film tour to our hometown I hope to bring The Cedar Sweeper community together for a great night of camaraderie and fly fishing.  I hope to get you fired up for our traditional Michigan trout opener, the last Saturday in April still means a lot around here.  It means a lot to me and I bet it means a lot to you. 

There is another reality to Mr. Magazines insights.  He mentions the reason why people continue to try and take dying magazines digital.  He talks about declining ad pages and this is when the very minimal overhead of digital becomes very enticing; especially in the throws of trying to save something that probably means so much to so many.  

The fact is we need more ad revenue to keep going but death of this magazine is not an option and by its reputation as the beginning of the end, neither is an all out digital assault. 

So, if you are inclined to think of yourself as a member of the brotherhood with Michigan river mud and pond scum in your veins, I need you to join me with your subscription or ad.  We offer a magazine for the brotherhood that you can actually hold in your hand and our ad rates are next to none.  The value of those ads continues to rise too as we continue to offer an ad package that includes print and digital and our circulation and digital visits continue to rise. 

Michigan, where we build docks to get to brook trout.

Live Free, Fish Hard

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